Our Mission – To Worship God, to connect people to Jesus Christ and to continue God’s work in the community.

Our Vision – To be a Ministering Community of believers who are obedient to God’s Word and faithful to the Great Commission proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Parish Focus – Our desire is to not only grow numerically as a church, but also to grow in maturity as Christians. It is our hope and prayer that as we listen and follow God’s call in mission we will fulfil our calling as the body of Christ; growing more like Jesus every day, deepening relationships and forming community, calling the lost into His Kingdom, worshipping in awe and with expectation, being enabled and equipped for loving service.  Our Ministry Leadership and Parish Council continually review the shape of our Ministering Community.

Mission Action Plan
Goal 1:  We will warmly welcome and care for all at our Church Services and activities.
Goal 2:  We will facilitate awe-inspiring and relevant Worship Services.
Goal 3:  We will provide opportunities for all people to develop their faith in God.
Goal 4:  We will encourage all to discover and offer their gifts for Ministry.
Goal 5:  We will enable all to belong and share in the Ministry of the Church.
Goal 6:  We will further develop Messy Church and its connection with the community.
Goal 7:  We will develop Kid’s Church and Ministry with schools and Emmanuel Anglican College.
Goal 8:  We will facilitate the renewal of people’s giving, sustain and grow the Ministry.
Goal 9:  We will develop the Ministry with Op Shop, those in need, the homeless and refugees.

2017 Theme – Sharing the Good Life – Together, the clergy and people, unite to share the good life by engaging prayerfully and enthusiastically in the mission of our Parish.

2017 Mission Priorities
Pastoral Care for Seniors
Friday 10am Worship Service
Home Communion and Visiting
LIFE Groups  &   10am Sunday Worship Service
Op Shop Ministry to those in need, the homeless and refugees
Mission – Messy Church, Messy Extra, Play Place

Ministry Team
Rector – Reverend Dr. Desiree Snyman
Tregeagle Minister – The Reverend John Kidson (Honorary)
Part-time Minister – The Reverend Geoff Vidal
Lay Ministers – Iris Cowie, Diana Eagles, Charlie Handley, Mark Stuckey

Introducing Desiree

In Africa, we have this saying: “I am who I am because you are who you are”.

I am who I am because of Marius Mulder, my husband, friend and partner.

I am who I am because of my children, Keehan and Connor.

Keehan means ‘vast’ or ‘abundant’ and Connor means ‘highly desired’.  The community of Orange Farm in South Africa, where I ran a support group for HIV women, gave our twins the names ‘Mpho’ and ‘Sipho’ which are SeSotho and Zulu words meaning ‘gift’.  Thus, Keehan Sipho is an abundant gift (or grace) and Connor Mpho is a highly desired gift (or mercy).  Our children are grace and mercy to us.

While my own family is from Parktown – Johannesburg, I grew up in Benoni which is a city 30 km east of Johannesburg.  Benoni is looked down upon by fellow Parktownians, but Benoni’s claim to fame is that it produced Charlize Theron and Charlene Wittstock, the Princess of Monaco.

I seek to be shaped by the following jewels:

“My greatest difference from you is my greatest gift to you”.

“The glory of God is the human person fully alive, fully human, fully divine”.

“Live simply so others may simply live”.

“The secret of the entire universe is that Christ is within you – the hope of glory”.

My family lived in one of the most beautiful places – Dunsborough.  Now I am discovering the beauty of the Plateau, preferably on a bike.  Bike because like HG Wells, “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”.